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ALTA works with architects, engineers, owners, general contractors and any other participants throughout each phase of your project to verify that the materials used during construction comply with the project specifications. To ensure today’s buildings and infrastructure perform adequately during long time periods; proper selection, quality and workmanship of materials is vital. Our services can save significant project dollars by preventing change orders during construction and reducing future maintenance and repair costs.

ALTA can provide systematic testing and inspection services to ensure material specifications and sustainability goals are achieved. ALTA engineers work closely with clients to minimize material replacements, reduce the likelihood of deterioration, avoid potential failures, and investigate and evaluate materials-related problems and failures when they do occur.

ALTA can provide a wide range of services during construction and operates several materials testing laboratories under current industry standards. We can also mobilize to provide the materials testing you need, where you need it, when you need it. Once construction is underway, our extensive experience and innovative thinking allows us to help our clients deal with challenges in a practical, hands-on manner to keep their project on track. Services include:

Testing of Structural Fill Soils

Field sampling and testing of fill materials placed for support of structural site components. Typically includes field density testing, field proctor testing, moisture determination, observations of lift thickness and verification of compactive effort and soil types used.

Evaluation of Foundation Soils (Bearing Capacity)

Typically includes observations, sampling and testing of soils (disturbed and undisturbed) for determination of engineering properties related to bearing capacity (foundation support) for proposed structures.

Asphalt Sampling, Coring, Testing, and Monitoring

Compaction testing, rolling patterns, temperature, thickness verification of asphaltic concrete (asphalt) materials for roadways, drives and parking areas.

ACI Certified Sampling and Testing of Concrete

Sampling and testing of fresh concrete for verification of material properties including unit weight, slump, air content and temperature typically performed during placement on a project site.

Retaining Wall Monitoring and Certification

Retaining Wall Monitoring and CertificationIncludes monitoring of segmental retaining wall construction including drainage, geo-composite installation, material properties and other key information utilized for certification of construction practices for the wall structure.

Quantification of Materials

Utilized for determination of quantities of borrow soils, unsuitable soil, stone, asphalt, rock and other materials typically for payment verification or estimating purposes.

Soil Improvement and Evaluation

Includes the evaluation of existing soil conditions and recommendations for remediation or suitability for proposed construction.

Concrete Mix Designs

Utilized to determine the required aggregate, cement, water, admixtures and/or additives for concrete products based on their required use.

Lime/Cement Stabilization

Preparation of mix designs and recommendations for chemical stabilization utilizing lime and cement based on actual site conditions and project requirements.