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Our Geotechnical Engineering department is staffed and equipped to provide our expertise to assist owners, developers, contractors and planners with understanding specific conditions affecting their project. Our intimate knowledge of local conditions allows us to provide clear, concise and cost effective strategies for subsurface conditions encountered on a project site.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Proper planning and design of projects requires knowledge of subsurface conditions including soil types, rock and water conditions.

Test Pit Observation Services

ALTA is often called on to observe test pit excavations on proposed sites prior to purchase. Test pits allow evaluation of the subsurface site conditions and limited site planning recommendations without performing a full geotechnical exploration (drilling) of the project site or to further investigate rock or other suspect conditions previously encountered at the subject site.

Pavement Design & Rehabilitation

ALTA frequently performs Pavement Design on a wide range of projects during planning in conjunction with our other geotechnical services. In addition to design for new pavement structures, our experienced staff can provide options for rehabilitation of existing pavements.

Site and Project Recommendations

As part of our Geotechnical exploration, Alta provides detailed recommendations related to site conditions encountered including soils, compaction, rock, groundwater and other important factors. In addition we will evaluate and provide project specific recommendations for pavements, building foundations and site development requirements among others.

Laboratory Testing

Our advanced Materials Laboratory allows for advanced testing of soils encountered during our Geotechnical Exploration. Please refer to our Materials Laboratory (LINK) section for more information on these services.